bourbon and boots. (what about the kinders and kittens?)


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so funny that this brand targeted me

as a demographic match

  a potential interested buyer of their products

based upon my personal interests on Facebook.

apparently i appear to be

a whiskey/bourbon drinking

gun toting

engraved glass collecting

john wayne type.

and a southern lady.

(i guess i am from the south, if you consider michigan “the south”

in relation to the border we share with canada)

“the internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication

since the invention of call waiting.”

-dave barry


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  1. I never personally considered Michigan South before but if you consider it South of the border of Canada then there you go….LOL Now me I’m a southern as Potato salad with mustard and Ice tea with sugar in it not that I drink my tea that way…LOL I like my tea straight without sugar of any kind to mess it up. Great post today but if though I’m a Southern I’m not much on whiskey or bourbon either not that I haven’t drank them just don’t like the taste. LOL

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  2. Perhaps the algorithms saw all the depressing news your friends were posting and concluded you needed a drink? 🙂 All joking aside, I loved your hilarious little poem. Well done!

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  3. Do you mean you aren’t a gun toting Annie Oakley, bourbon and whiskey drinking kind of girl? 😀
    I love Dave Barry (and although not mentioned on this post, Erma Bombeck) both journalists were able to use family and everyday situations to make us laugh at ourselves.
    I have had more weird emails come to me due to my being on a couple years ago. (?!)

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  4. As soon as I saw it on the reader, I thought, “This isn’t like Beth. What’s going on? Does she need a drink that badly?” Ha! And as far as stereotypes, my husband grew up on a ranch and watched John Wayne movies and hunted but never had alcohol till he was 34 at our wedding. Still no bourbon, so need for this glass LOL.

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