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september’s champagne babies.


here we find ourselves in september again, along with lots of babies!

 september is by far the most popular month to be born. it isn’t even a close race. september has 9 out of 10 of the most popular birth dates, with september 9th being the most popular date of all. using my holiday math formula, it’s easy to find a clear correlation between the end of the old year through the ringing in of the new year, and the volume of early fall arrivals.

1 january new year’s eve party = 1 to 1,000,000 september babies

“my favourite poem is the one that starts ‘thirty days hath september’ because it actually tells you something.” -groucho marx


art credit: mary evans

one september.


one september morning 

i went to a place beyond dawn

s source of sweetness that flows

and is never less. 

i have been shown

a beauty that would confuse both worlds. 




reflection of the sky and trees in the huron river

gallup park, ann arbor, mi, usa