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september’s champagne babies.


here we find ourselves in september again, along with lots of babies!

 september is by far the most popular month to be born. it isn’t even a close race. september has 9 out of 10 of the most popular birth dates, with september 9th being the most popular date of all. using my holiday math formula, it’s easy to find a clear correlation between the end of the old year through the ringing in of the new year, and the volume of early fall arrivals.

1 january new year’s eve party = 1 to 1,000,000 september babies

“my favourite poem is the one that starts ‘thirty days hath september’ because it actually tells you something.” -groucho marx


art credit: mary evans



50th anniversary of the week of the Apollo 11 moon landing

I was 11

on the cusp of everything 

we went over

to my parents’ friends’ house

everyone was transfixed

air was electric

all gathered around the tv


silent and awestruck


as the first man walked on the moon

spoke his first words on the moon

 lots of emotion in the house

I ran to the window to look at the moon 

hoping I would see him up there

right in the middle of all of this

the hostess

left to go to the hospital

to have her baby

she named him neil

after that man on the moon.

“we ran as if to meet the moon.” 

― robert frost



image credit: Ann Arbor district library archives



and on the day

that a royal prince was born

a baby sister was born

and our butterfly babies were born

each arrival was nothing less than spectacular.


“birth is the sudden opening of a window,

through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect.

for what has happened?

a miracle.

you have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.”     

-william macneile dixon

one second.




today is the day

one of the little guys

in our family


way too early


another little guy


just a few years later

on the very same day

to join our family

happy birthday

to one


i miss you

to the other



will always


 both of you

image credit: faerie magazine