one second.




today is the day

one of the little guys

in our family


way too early


another little guy


just a few years later

on the very same day

to join our family

happy birthday

to one


i miss you

to the other



will always


 both of you

image credit: faerie magazine

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  1. Love to both, which would be an understatement of your overwhelming feelings. Lives that passed on just have so few words that can be expressed to complete our thoughts. This day is important and Happy birthday to the one who is a blessing here, happily heaven forever, to your other ‘guy.’ I am sure he is watching over you, waiting ’till you meet again.’

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  2. Thinking of you and your brother and family. It is nice to know you never forget, and yet hard because you never forget. How lovely to also be able to remember this day for something lovely. Hugs to you today Beth. Your story about this little one still inspires me to know sometimes it is a release for them, if not for us.

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  3. Days … when I am moving along through the blogosphere, through the curves and straights of life, maintaining a good rythm … and I read one of your posts: everything stops for a bit. I’m learning that I usually don’t breathe until after I’ve read the post (sometimes more than once). Then I breathe. This is one of those posts. Sitting, and moving through, the tensions of this life, through the losses and through the blessings … I don’t know, do you think there is an art to these dynamics? Good post, Beth.

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  4. i think there is an ebb of flow to everything in life, and we just do the best we can to float through it, trying to keep our heads above water and to stay calm when the waves come. thanks for reading and commenting, t.

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  5. Life is so full of contrasts, and so difficult to understand. Lovely piece, Beth, and thinking of you as you honor the memory of your loved one and rejoice in new life. Beautiful, thank you.

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