now what am I to do if you was me and I was you? – snoop dogg



(not us)

at the dentist’s office

a place of trepidation

for me





snoop dogg’s look-alike

walks in

sits down



as a kite

i text

sittin’ with snoop

just chillin’

guess we each have our way

of dealing with the fear

for me it’s gas

for snoop

it’s grass

he texts

probably saying

sittin’ with martha stewart

just cookin’

i invented ‘it’s a good thing’ before you were even born.

– martha stewart

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  1. I laughed out loud at this photo, also funny story. I would ‘lay low’ if I were near someone who looked high as a kite, whether or not a Snoop look alike or not! He may be quite cool, in person, if the real guy, though, and I would get all ‘star struck,’ too! Smiles and hope you had a great Halloween with the kinders, Beth!!

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    • ah, no tunes, just a look-alike, but i have no doubt that if there was a karaoke machine in the waiting room, there would have been music. i was hoping i’d pick up a contact high from sitting with him, anything to lessen the fear! )


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