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kind people.


 to all of the kind people who i met along the way

IMG_5504 (1)

keiran, who helped me navigate my way to ireland


bronwyn, who shared adventures with me

unnamed-1 (1)

karen, who shared more adventures






the morgan clan,  who treated me like one of their own


robin, the keeper of the castle 


all of the many strangers

who i crossed paths with


 who became friends 

like tric, my long lost irish sister

welcoming me 

into their

homes, villages, fields, seas,

castles, towns, farms, churches, hotels,

gardens, inns, pubs, and country manors 


and of course

the friendly barkeepers

who were always there and ready to help

with questions answered

and shared stories

wherever i happened to land

i am truly grateful to one and all for making it so special for me. 

“in everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.

it is then burst into flame by an encounter

with another human being.

we should all be thankful

for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

– albert schweitzer 


you wouldn’t want to move if you sat next to me on the bus. or maybe you would. – richard dawson



‘ i’d rather go by bus.” – prince charles

my subaru tribe

has come through once again.

after dropping my car off for service

they offered me a ride home

on their courtesy shuttle

 i was happy to hop on the bus.

it was

the three of us


 happy driver carl


 quiet student tim

from the university music school

 bus mates through circumstance.

we struck up a conversation

i asked tim what he planned to do

after music school

he said everyone asks him that

i told him not to worry

about what people say

he’d find a way

to use what he loves

to do something he loves.

my own school, life, career

had taken many

unexpected and interesting turns


i always landed

exactly where i was meant to be.

carl said he knew someone

connected to my old career in advertising

how he liked driving the bus

how he still gets lost sometimes

how he enjoys meeting people

how the street we were driving on

has three different names.

i talked about

working with kinders

how they are so open to music


how they think i’m a good singer

how i still get lost a lot.

tim told us

how he loves subarus too

how writing music

playing saxaphone

makes him feel

what it was like moving here

from the east coast

how he still gets lost.


then suddenly

i was home.

tim said

‘you’ve really made me feel better.

i somehow feel like i’ll find my way and there’s hope for me after all.’

carl asked if i needed a ride back

i almost wished i did

it was a good 3 mile trip.

“you can find poetry in your everyday life, your memory, in what people say on the bus, in the news, or just what’s in your heart.”
– carol ann duffy


image credits: google.com, subaru motors

buy the ticket, take the ride. – hunter s. thompson



valentine’s night 

was wonderful


beautiful view

of the

frozen river

shared border


two countries



old and new

snow falling

no worries

about driving

bitter cold

warm company

a new dress


took a cab

to a

lovely dinner

in a beautiful

historic house

glowing with warmth


hints of

delicious food

and then

the play

one of my favorites



love story


and after

ready for

the trip back



comforting embrace


 our warm hotel


the cabs

were hiding


places unknown

staying warm inside

remote garages


mg rescued

a woman’s lost glove

part of a another

happy couple


in return

we met them

 they were

in the same

transportation predicament

waiting for their car

and she said

‘don’t worry.

you have a ride with us.’


we uber-ed

with the

random strangers


the driver

finally arrived

we immediately


in the wrong direction

turn signal on




new driver


second day on the job

in over his head

from brazil

no sense of direction

worse than mine

didn’t know the city at all

using his boss’s car

so much laughter

and we had

a crazy ride 

and saw

our hotel

in the

opposite direction

drove through the city

more laughter

 one of our hipster

fellow passengers 

and tried to

take on the role

of navigator

she had begun

celebrating early

and was

 much loved by her partner

who accepted

her funny side

and her state of

altered reality

that was clear

and we all

told mario

‘look for the biggest building in the city. 

the one you see in all the pictures.

head towards the river.

you can’t miss it.’



he did

miss it


even more



survival bonding

and i

offered her

my rose

as a thank you

for the ride

as they finally

dropped us

and headed off

for places unknown

their own destination

even farther away

and it was

 like being part of

a performance art skit 


so glad

we held on

 embraced the adventure

 for the ride of our lives

the perfect ending

to a magical night.


be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risks in life that seem worth taking. the ride might not be as predictable if you’d just planted your feet and stayed put, but it will be a heck of a lot more interesting.  
– edward whitacre, jr.

now what am I to do if you was me and I was you? – snoop dogg



(not us)

at the dentist’s office

a place of trepidation

for me





snoop dogg’s look-alike

walks in

sits down



as a kite

i text

sittin’ with snoop

just chillin’

guess we each have our way

of dealing with the fear

for me it’s gas

for snoop

it’s grass

he texts

probably saying

sittin’ with martha stewart

just cookin’

i invented ‘it’s a good thing’ before you were even born.

– martha stewart

‘Good things happen when you meet strangers.’ – Yo-Yo Ma



it was going to be a sad trip home. i was on via rail, and had boarded in the beautiful city of ottawa, heading back to my home in the states. i’d been to visit my canadian boyfriend, we’d been together 2 years, and had decided to go our separate ways. it was going to be a 13 hour train ride, and i just wanted a chance to think and drift in silence. i sat by myself, purposely, planning to listen to music and not do much else.


as we were about to leave the station, a man sat down in the seat right next to me. he looked a bit world-weary, and had on a well-worn leather jacket, that looked much like his lived-in face. he introduced himself, had a very deep and gruff voice, and my first thought was, ‘oh no, i really, really don’t feel like talking to anyone, and this is going to be a really, really long trip.’

after a bit of polite banter, we sat, in silence once again, next to each other, and watched the landscape roll by. as i looked out, i began to think about everything, and a tear rolled silently down my face. i knew it was the right thing that had happened, that my boyfriend and i were not meant to be together, but also, how much i would miss him being a part of my life, even if we were in two different countries.

when he saw this, my stranger on the train reached into his jacket and pulled out a flask, and offered to share his whiskey with me. and  he began to tell me his story. he had been on this trip that he was so excited about, but was returning to his hometown a very sad man. he had gone to ask his girlfriend to marry him, had the ring and the speech and the flowers, and she had answered him, ‘no.’


hours went by as we shared his whiskey and shared our stories. after a while, i began to stop feeling sad for myself, and took on a sadness for him and what he had just been through. we talked and talked, and found that we didn’t have many things in common, other than wounded hearts and our love of people. after a long while, i fell asleep and he continued to sit near me, ever the vigilant soldier, protective, and somehow connected by a break of the heart. i slept for a long while, and woke up to an amazing act of kindness.



i discovered that he had taken off his beloved coat and covered me with it, had put a granola bar in my hand,  and put the engagement ring on my finger. when i looked at him, wondering why, he told that he worried i would wake up cold, be hungry, or feel unloved. he wanted to make sure that none of that happened.


he said i had made him feel so much better, just by being there and listening, and that he hoped that i knew someone cared, even if it was a stranger. i told him that i was overwhelmed by his kind heart, that he had helped me in the same way, and as i gave him back his coat and his ring, i wished him the same. when we got to the final station, we hugged and went our separate ways once again. my friends were standing there, waiting to take me home. i told them how i had been engaged for a few hours, not to my boyfriend, but to a stranger i had met on the train. he may never know how much this meant to me, but somehow, i think he does.

Great perils have this beauty, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers.  – Victor Hugo