you wouldn’t want to move if you sat next to me on the bus. or maybe you would. – richard dawson



‘ i’d rather go by bus.” – prince charles

my subaru tribe

has come through once again.

after dropping my car off for service

they offered me a ride home

on their courtesy shuttle

 i was happy to hop on the bus.

it was

the three of us


 happy driver carl


 quiet student tim

from the university music school

 bus mates through circumstance.

we struck up a conversation

i asked tim what he planned to do

after music school

he said everyone asks him that

i told him not to worry

about what people say

he’d find a way

to use what he loves

to do something he loves.

my own school, life, career

had taken many

unexpected and interesting turns


i always landed

exactly where i was meant to be.

carl said he knew someone

connected to my old career in advertising

how he liked driving the bus

how he still gets lost sometimes

how he enjoys meeting people

how the street we were driving on

has three different names.

i talked about

working with kinders

how they are so open to music


how they think i’m a good singer

how i still get lost a lot.

tim told us

how he loves subarus too

how writing music

playing saxaphone

makes him feel

what it was like moving here

from the east coast

how he still gets lost.


then suddenly

i was home.

tim said

‘you’ve really made me feel better.

i somehow feel like i’ll find my way and there’s hope for me after all.’

carl asked if i needed a ride back

i almost wished i did

it was a good 3 mile trip.

“you can find poetry in your everyday life, your memory, in what people say on the bus, in the news, or just what’s in your heart.”
– carol ann duffy


image credits:, subaru motors


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  1. I really relate to this. My son is only 13 but already outgrowing the music school he’s presently in. We are exploring other possibilities for him to keep doing the music outside of the school but it’s kind of scary going from something more institutionalized into the ‘real world’.

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  2. I miss Richard Dawson, who always was a funny guest on the Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin show. Loved his quote since he would also be fun to ride on a bus with.
    You said all the right things in such a sweet and encouraging way, Beth.
    I also liked the Scooby-Doo van and the last quote. Wonderful visit! 🙂

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  3. The future often has us second-guessing which turn to take. Too often it’s like Robert Frost’s “the road not taken.” We’ll always wonder if we should have gone down the other path. Beth, I’m glad you gave Tim some good advice and some comfort. Not knowing where we’re headed can be unnerving, scary and also fill us with eager anticipation for that journey. 😉


  4. Yes, this post is really old when I’m finding it, but when I see a picture of The Mystery Machine I’ll read anything below it. That kind of ride or camaraderie is the best isn’t it? Thrown together by circumstance with people you wouldn’t normally meet and you all turn out to be nice people who get along. Happened to me on jury duty once.

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