the struggle is real.



my friend/great mother of 5 active young children

is at it again –

the following quote was her post

yesterday on Facebook

and i think she’s great:

“Wishing I had a fairy godmother…

Or maybe just a cleaning lady (or man).  

Kids are gross.

Nobody warns how gross they can be.

Do you know what words I uttered today?  –

” Who peed in the toothbrush rinse cup”?

Honestly …. The struggle is real.”


her friend replied –

“i like that, but remember that time your twins peed in the cat litter?”

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  1. Children don’t come with a training manual anymore than parenting does however through trail and error we usually figure it out the only good thing is when they grow up and have kids of their own the will have some of the same issues (my mom used to say that was justice) and then they have to cope with it. Now I love you article and her problem and the struggle really is real was a wonderful laugh first thing in the AM and I was needed it in the worst way so thank you and her. Have a great day Beth and may the upcoming weekend bring you a nice relaxing couple of days.

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  2. I have had a few strange occurrences among younger children. My babysitting kids and my own children don’t “top” the ones in preschool who I taught, Beth. They were the most gross but I won’t go on too much about this. Your friend on facebook would cringe at the poop stories, though.
    I will tell you that we had two very nice sets of felt finger puppets. Once, during nap time, a rare occasion in our classroom something hilarious did happen. My teacher asst and I were walking around and heard giggles. Two boys had each taken an animal finger puppet and had placed them upon their little penises. They were trying to wiggle them. Kid you not.:)

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