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swim out to it.


when eating lunch with my daughter

she looked at.her sandwich

and noticed that one half had more of the ‘good stuff’ she liked inside

as she began to set it aside to save it for later

I asked why she didn’t eat the one she preferred right now

when it was fresh

it would make her happy

 it would not help or harm anyone

if she did or did not

and if she waited until later

it might be mushy and cold

or it may be accidentally dropped to the floor

and then she would not really have enjoyed either half

and who knows

 what could happen before she eats the second half

(granted, a bit dark and extreme on my part)

never knowing what is to come

good or bad

 why wait and not live life fully right now?

she agreed and ate the one she preferred 

(she’s probably hoping for a quiet lunch in her office tomorrow)

but I think it’s a good metaphor for life:

eat the sandwich, the one with the good stuff,

when it is served to you on a plate,

and sitting on the table before you

just waiting for you to pick it up and enjoy it

don’t save it for later.

“don’t wait for your ship to come in – swim out to it. ”      

-jerry smith

under pressure.


while working hard to gather rocks for the garden

 we look up to see the buzzards patiently waiting

the pressure is on

as we pick up the pace

and wonder 

just who/what are they waiting for?

“winning comes down to who can execute under pressure.”

-billie jean king



you know you’ve been waiting quite a long time

at the secretary of state’s office 

when even a minivan load of nuns get restless.



“I sometimes think I was born to live up to my name.

how could I be anything else but what I am having been named madonna?

i would have either ended up a nun or this.”

-madonna ciccone




while we wait

in nice weather

in a friendly line

to see a show

some of us chat

some of us think

some of us check messages

some of us watch

some of us worry

some of us laugh

some of us sigh


some of us –


“yeah, I think on my resume it still says that – I can juggle.”

– luke kirby