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playing the odds, you win some……


(supposed to be here)

back in the day

when i was a waitress

going to school

training to be in the travel industry

i was on call for my restaurant in michigan

but i also had to be at an airline travel class in dallas

my restaurant had very recently said

absolutely no more days off for anyone

too many people were calling in sick or with excuses


according to my optimistic rationalization style math and logic

knowing the staff

having no other plan

odds were 50/50 at best

 i said nothing to my restaurant

crossed my fingers

flew to dallas

made the fateful call-in from the lone star state


the staff had all shown up that day

for the win!

p.s. don’t try this if you are a doctor

(actually was here)


“never tell me the odds.”

-han solo





even brave dragons

have their moments

when they sit down

between the goal posts

the football sits down

on the ground 


 they are just done.

“by letting it go it all gets done.

the world is won by those who let it go.

but when you try and try

the world is beyond the winning.”

-lao tzu

golden ticket.

how lucky am I?
today I found the golden ticket
just waiting for me in my mailbox.
“It was a very beautiful thing, this Golden Ticket, having been made, so it seemed, from a sheet of pure gold hammered out almost to the thinness of paper. On one side of it, printed by some clever method in jet-black letters, was the invitation itself—from Mr. Wonka.”
– roald dahl,  (Willy Wonka), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

under pressure.


while working hard to gather rocks for the garden

 we look up to see the buzzards patiently waiting

the pressure is on

as we pick up the pace

and wonder 

just who/what are they waiting for?

“winning comes down to who can execute under pressure.”

-billie jean king



when the mega millions jackpot

hit 1 billion dollars tonight

i decided to take my chances

shell out 2 dollars

buy a lucky ticket

and imagine for at least 12 hours

what i would do with my billion

not a bad price for half a day of creative fun.

the winning ticket?

what would you do with a billion dollars if you won?

‘a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.’

-everett dirksen



i will never forget that day in the 70s

my brother was going to windsor

to sit in the studio audience

of the bozo the clown show

 watching it filmed live

 the whole neighborhood

had a vested interest in his visit

besides it being so cool to see him on tv

we assumed and expected that

he would be chosen from the audience

for a chance to toss the beanbags into the buckets

and win the bozo grand prize game

this was going to be the best day ever

we knew he was going to win the jungle gym

and our backyard would be

the new official headquarters of endless fun

we ran home from the bus after school

and gathered around the tv

in our family room

to watch it all play out

we could hardly contain ourselves

 it began just as we planned

he was chosen for the big game


he lost on the final toss

that never made it into the bucket

bozo gave a quick chuckle

a wink, a pat on the back

 he had won the second prize

a 6-pack of orange crush 

the family room went silent for a minute

as we realized that

our yard would not be undergoing any major change

and we’d have to find a way to share the pop.

(post below found on a bozo fan club site):
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2006 – 8:32 pm:   

‘I went to see Bozo around 1972-73 also. One of the things that stands out was taking the tunnel to Canada. I also recall getting there late and having to be separated from my two cousins in the seating area. I was wedged in near the top and had to deal with some Girl Scouts kicking me in the back throughout the show. To this day when a Girl Scout asks me if I want to buy some cookies I tell them to go to hell. I don’t forget easy.’

“i’m in competition with myself and i’m losing. “

-roger waters

credits: cklw-tv, womc radio-motor city moments,

mayo playground – archives, pre-1920s, pinterest




carpool mates

ride with smiles

chat about the day

throw down our heavy things

relax at last

stop to buy a ticket



what we’ll do


we win

the 800 million


the first thing

that each of us names

is a donation

to someone else

who needs some of it

more than we do


it’s part of

the reason why


all ride together

with smiles.

run with your legs to be fast, run with your mind to be faster, run with your heart to be unstoppable. – aalaynah thompson



we trained together for a year

to be ready

for a long

3-day event

for charity


we thought

it would


 make us healthier

in the process.


except that

we weren’t

the most natural

or best


but we pushed on

and for

many, many days

we walked

through town


in the countryside


on the road


inside the mall


the hardcore seniors

during blizzards


anywhere we could find

an open space.



then one day

upon arriving at a park

for another training day

we saw a race beginning


on a whim

we decided

to start late

and  join in

at the back

just for practice


we somehow

started moving up

in spite of ourselves

slowly but surely

until we were


the front of the pack

and suddenly

out of the blue

i got crazily competitive

not my usual mindset

at all

and i yelled out

‘i can take them!’

as i raced past

the front two people.




they happened to be

a very elderly man


a person with a noticeable limp



won the race


got a gold medal and a massage and a granola bar


i felt like

forrest gump

just dropping


the middle

of something




by accident


it was

that moment of

crazy heart


made me unstoppable

and i’m sorry to have run past you –

people who thought you were going to win

and were in the front

and i know

you were old and infirm

but at last

i had found my pace

and my tribe


it was

quite a day.



image credits: flickr.com