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Michigan football wide receiver Ronnie Bell has an epic quarantine workout

Ronnie Bell had a unique routine while quarantining back home in Missouri.

To stay in shape, the Michigan receiver would go outside … and push his family’s Chevy Tahoe around the block.

“I’ve been pushing the cars with my little brothers,” Bell told MGoBlue’s Ed Kengerski. “We’ll take the car outside and put it in neutral and just push it around the neighborhood. “They push the little Lexus and I push the Chevy Tahoe.”

Like many of his teammates, Bell went home for a spell after the coronavirus outbreak forced Michigan to cancel in-person classes and athletic activities, including the Wolverines’ spring practices. 

“We were probably a week out from spring ball before everything happened,” he said. “Just kind of had to shift mindsets from getting ready, mentally, for spring ball, getting all excited for spring ball, and then having that taken away from you. You’ve got to adjust and adapt to your different circumstances.”

Bell, who is majoring in creative writing, says the shutdown made his academic life more difficult, as it prevented him from participating in office hours with his professors. But he did appreciate the opportunity to go home and spend time with his family, calling the experience “the best thing about” quarantine. 

Bell is back in Ann Arbor, where he lives with running back Hassan Haskins and linebacker Cam McGrone.

Does he miss football? “Of course.”

“(I miss) just being around the guys and being around the facility with all the coaches,” Bell said. “Everything about it. You don’t realize how much you were going to miss it until you get it completely taken away from you.”

For now, Bell and his teammates have connected with each other and the coaching staff through Zoom. He says the team has tried to install the offense as best it can through virtual meetings.

Bell, who had 48 catches for 758 yards and a touchdown in 2019, has been watching film on a consistent basis in hopes of improving upon his breakout sophomore year. He says he has gone over film of himself looking at situations in which he could’ve done “something different” or “something more.” He is hoping football will return in the near future.

“Everybody’s just unbelievably excited,” Bell said. “You could tell everybody was just getting antsy and itchy, just to get back to it. Everybody’s on edge because nobody really knows when everything will somewhat go back to normal.

“whatever I engage in, I must push inordinately.”

-andrew carnegie



credits: orion sang, detroit free press, ed kengerski, mgoblue.com

run with your legs to be fast, run with your mind to be faster, run with your heart to be unstoppable. – aalaynah thompson



we trained together for a year

to be ready

for a long

3-day event

for charity


we thought

it would


 make us healthier

in the process.


except that

we weren’t

the most natural

or best


but we pushed on

and for

many, many days

we walked

through town


in the countryside


on the road


inside the mall


the hardcore seniors

during blizzards


anywhere we could find

an open space.



then one day

upon arriving at a park

for another training day

we saw a race beginning


on a whim

we decided

to start late

and  join in

at the back

just for practice


we somehow

started moving up

in spite of ourselves

slowly but surely

until we were


the front of the pack

and suddenly

out of the blue

i got crazily competitive

not my usual mindset

at all

and i yelled out

‘i can take them!’

as i raced past

the front two people.




they happened to be

a very elderly man


a person with a noticeable limp



won the race


got a gold medal and a massage and a granola bar


i felt like

forrest gump

just dropping


the middle

of something




by accident


it was

that moment of

crazy heart


made me unstoppable

and i’m sorry to have run past you –

people who thought you were going to win

and were in the front

and i know

you were old and infirm

but at last

i had found my pace

and my tribe


it was

quite a day.



image credits: flickr.com