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i will never forget that day in the 70s

my brother was going to windsor

to sit in the studio audience

of the bozo the clown show

 watching it filmed live

 the whole neighborhood

had a vested interest in his visit

besides it being so cool to see him on tv

we assumed and expected that

he would be chosen from the audience

for a chance to toss the beanbags into the buckets

and win the bozo grand prize game

this was going to be the best day ever

we knew he was going to win the jungle gym

and our backyard would be

the new official headquarters of endless fun

we ran home from the bus after school

and gathered around the tv

in our family room

to watch it all play out

we could hardly contain ourselves

 it began just as we planned

he was chosen for the big game


he lost on the final toss

that never made it into the bucket

bozo gave a quick chuckle

a wink, a pat on the back

 he had won the second prize

a 6-pack of orange crush 

the family room went silent for a minute

as we realized that

our yard would not be undergoing any major change

and we’d have to find a way to share the pop.

(post below found on a bozo fan club site):
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2006 – 8:32 pm:   

‘I went to see Bozo around 1972-73 also. One of the things that stands out was taking the tunnel to Canada. I also recall getting there late and having to be separated from my two cousins in the seating area. I was wedged in near the top and had to deal with some Girl Scouts kicking me in the back throughout the show. To this day when a Girl Scout asks me if I want to buy some cookies I tell them to go to hell. I don’t forget easy.’

“i’m in competition with myself and i’m losing. “

-roger waters

credits: cklw-tv, womc radio-motor city moments,

mayo playground – archives, pre-1920s, pinterest

talk show.



i have never talked back to my television so much in my life as i have recently. 


i wish it was mr. rogers who i was watching and talking back to.

“conversation is like a television set on honeymoon… unnecessary.”

-peter sellers

image credits: google images, mr. rogers television

going for the gold.


n-LEGO-large570 LEGO bricks may not come in floral prints or white wicker textures, but that hasn’t stopped golden girls enthusiasts from making their desire to see dorothy, rose, blanche, sophia—and yes, even stan—turned into tiny plastic playthings.

as part of the LEGO Ideas initiative, in which fans submit and vote on each other’s proposals for new LEGO sets, samuel hatmaker (a “lifelong LEGO fan who works in product development and marketing and goes by the handle lostsleep) has put forth a proposal for a mashup that would reconstruct the foyer, living room, and kitchen of the ladies’ fictional florida bachelorette pad. but with a quirky, fourth wall-breaking touch: the house would be constructed as a television set, with one wall removed.

even with 343 days left to go in the voting process, The golden girls lego set has already gotten the thumbs up from 10,000 supporters—the total number needed in order for LEGO to take the idea seriously.

next up is a LEGO Review, in which a team of designers and marketers evaluate its viability in the marketplace. if that goes well, the product goes into production to be sold around the world, with the creator earning both royalties and bragging rights.

“i have re-created many classic scenes from the show,” hatmaker explains, “including a visit from burt reynolds, rose shooting blanche’s vase, dorothy playing ‘grab that dough,’ and rose rescuing her teddy bear from a mean little girl.” clearly, the details of this proposed play set are in the hands of a true aficionado. which means that he did not forget the cheesecake.


credits: jennifer m. wood, mental floss magazine, lego ideas photo