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lego is not just for stepping on.


Where do I begin?

 Lego appeals to every kind of builder. Type-A architects may like to purchase sets and follow the instructions to the letter, while more free-form designers may prefer to amass random pieces and see what inspires them. If you fall somewhere between these two categories, Brickit may be the app for you.

As FastCompany reports, Brickit is a free app that tells you what you can build using whatever LEGO pieces you have at home. To use it, start by gathering your LEGO collection and snapping a picture of the pile through the software. The app uses object recognition to pick out specific pieces from your hoard. The technology isn’t limited to 2-by-4-peg bricks in primary colors, either: More specialized elements like vehicle wheels are also detectable.

After identifying your pieces, Brickit suggests products that are compatible with your collection. You choose a structure to make and the app shows you how to put it together step-by-step with the pieces in front of you. Depending on the size of your inventory, the tool may show you build-plans you don’t have all the necessary parts for. This is where it encourages you to be creative by finding alternate pieces to fit into the empty spaces.

Brickit is a great resource if you want to build models that go beyond the picture on the box. It’s also an excellent way to use the extra pieces that come with every set—which LEGO includes for your own good.

“innovation is like looking for pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

you have to find a lot of pieces that don’t match to find the one or two pieces that match.”

-edward conrad

credits: Fast Company, Lego, Brickit, Michelle Debczak, Mental Floss, Jack Taylor



good to know i will never have to worry

especially happy to see

an alien, a couple of vikings, a mongolian warrior, and sponge bob

included in the mix. 


“the sound a box of lego makes is the noise of a child’s mind working,

looking for the right piece.

shake it,

and it’s almost creativity in aural form.”

– grayson perry, playing to the gallery






image credit: getty images, dan kitwood, mental floss



this is mama.


dropped off the family entries

to the library’s annual lego building contest

there were so many good ones to see

 elaborate, creative, funny, scary, lovely, colorful, detailed

some were quickly assembled

some took many hours and days to create

some made by children, some by adults,

some made by both working together

but it was the one above that really caught my eye

it was beautiful because

it was clearly made by someone

out of pure love

created by ivy, a preschooler

 her piece’s title

written by someone

who knew how to write their letters

simply read:

‘this is mama.’

 it was magnificent.

“every block of stone has a statue inside it

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”


going for the gold.


n-LEGO-large570 LEGO bricks may not come in floral prints or white wicker textures, but that hasn’t stopped golden girls enthusiasts from making their desire to see dorothy, rose, blanche, sophia—and yes, even stan—turned into tiny plastic playthings.

as part of the LEGO Ideas initiative, in which fans submit and vote on each other’s proposals for new LEGO sets, samuel hatmaker (a “lifelong LEGO fan who works in product development and marketing and goes by the handle lostsleep) has put forth a proposal for a mashup that would reconstruct the foyer, living room, and kitchen of the ladies’ fictional florida bachelorette pad. but with a quirky, fourth wall-breaking touch: the house would be constructed as a television set, with one wall removed.

even with 343 days left to go in the voting process, The golden girls lego set has already gotten the thumbs up from 10,000 supporters—the total number needed in order for LEGO to take the idea seriously.

next up is a LEGO Review, in which a team of designers and marketers evaluate its viability in the marketplace. if that goes well, the product goes into production to be sold around the world, with the creator earning both royalties and bragging rights.

“i have re-created many classic scenes from the show,” hatmaker explains, “including a visit from burt reynolds, rose shooting blanche’s vase, dorothy playing ‘grab that dough,’ and rose rescuing her teddy bear from a mean little girl.” clearly, the details of this proposed play set are in the hands of a true aficionado. which means that he did not forget the cheesecake.


credits: jennifer m. wood, mental floss magazine, lego ideas photo