lego is not just for stepping on.


Where do I begin?

 Lego appeals to every kind of builder. Type-A architects may like to purchase sets and follow the instructions to the letter, while more free-form designers may prefer to amass random pieces and see what inspires them. If you fall somewhere between these two categories, Brickit may be the app for you.

As FastCompany reports, Brickit is a free app that tells you what you can build using whatever LEGO pieces you have at home. To use it, start by gathering your LEGO collection and snapping a picture of the pile through the software. The app uses object recognition to pick out specific pieces from your hoard. The technology isn’t limited to 2-by-4-peg bricks in primary colors, either: More specialized elements like vehicle wheels are also detectable.

After identifying your pieces, Brickit suggests products that are compatible with your collection. You choose a structure to make and the app shows you how to put it together step-by-step with the pieces in front of you. Depending on the size of your inventory, the tool may show you build-plans you don’t have all the necessary parts for. This is where it encourages you to be creative by finding alternate pieces to fit into the empty spaces.

Brickit is a great resource if you want to build models that go beyond the picture on the box. It’s also an excellent way to use the extra pieces that come with every set—which LEGO includes for your own good.

“innovation is like looking for pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

you have to find a lot of pieces that don’t match to find the one or two pieces that match.”

-edward conrad

credits: Fast Company, Lego, Brickit, Michelle Debczak, Mental Floss, Jack Taylor

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  1. there is a very popular show on Aussie TV called ‘Lego Masters’ in which couples compete against each other to build ever more elaborate models for a grand money prize; it was really good in its early stages but it’s getting a bit over the top now

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  2. My son and I were on our way to building our own Lego world, not so much a direct Lego City. We got sidelined when I split up with my ex, but we were all ravenous Lego builders. Still have six plastic tubs filled with our creations and I put my best minifigs into display cases. I still have two kits to build, including the Grogu Baby Yoda Lego kit, and I think I will take a day off from work soon just to dedicate to it, since my new life with my son and fiancee has us crazy busy. I won’t lie, it’s a blessing to build Lego with your child, but also therapeutic to build a big kit alone with a pint or two.

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  3. I, too, grew up with Lincoln Logs. They fit perfectly with my love of cowboys, horses, the West. But I am intrigued by the Lego-based app you describe. Goodness knows my son had more than his share of them (I’m convinced they reproduced and multiplied in the dark).

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  4. Very cool! I had a scene in my work in progress involving a kid playing with LEGO. I wrote it as LEGOS because that would seem to fit the standard rules of English. My editor said it should be LEGO. I’ve since learned she was right, but that sounded so weird that I couldn’t get used to it. I changed it to “LEGO pieces” to avoid using it the other way. I’m not usually a grammar nerd, but I see at least half of your other readers doing the same. I think it’s because LEGO is a trademarked name.

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  5. This sounds like a great app! My son loved Lego when he was little and he still does in adulthood. 🙂 I agree…one of the best toys ever! We have a business in town, Playwell, where parents can bring their children in for periods of time to simply play with Lego. They also do classes. My son worked there as a teen and loved it. It’s such a constructive means of playing. Thanks for sharing, Beth.

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