story about the stories.



on this special day

i brought out

an old treasured story 

written by

my former student, nicole

who i taught for grades k-2

(in a school where we were known by our first names)

 a story about me sharing stories

 made me cry happy tears to read

how much she enjoyed the stories

what ginormous heaps of praise

from a fellow roald dahl fan. 

happy roald dahl story day!!

“words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

-albus dumbledore (j.k. rowling, harry potter series)

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  1. I imagine you have preserved this under glass and it is hanging in a prominent place.
    But somehow I imagine every wall of your home is covered with testimonials.
    Your blog is your story and we enjoy each and every chapter.

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  2. There is nothing so dear as an innocent child’s honesty. What a wonderful treasure to have gotten and the wonderful treasure to keep. You are a great storyteller, as evidenced by your blog.

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  3. What a wonderful memory to cherish–for you and Nicole. When I taught fourth grade, I read my class Charlotte’s Web, and we had to go out for recess after Charlotte died, the kids were so upset. Reading to kids is a blessing–for them and the reader.

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  4. Ah, magical. two of my favorite lines were, “Indeed she was,” about the best teacher ever, and “That Roald Dahl. He always has a bit of magic in his stories.”

    I hope this story concludes that Nicole eventually writes stories like Roald Dahl.

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