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story about the stories.



on this special day

i brought out

an old treasured story 

written by

my former student, nicole

who i taught for grades k-2

(in a school where we were known by our first names)

 a story about me sharing stories

 made me cry happy tears to read

how much she enjoyed the stories

what ginormous heaps of praise

from a fellow roald dahl fan. 

happy roald dahl story day!!

“words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

-albus dumbledore (j.k. rowling, harry potter series)



the long letter

written on the outside of my valentine

was even more important

than the card inside

 the kinder who worked very hard to write it all down

read it out loud to me

confident, proud, with voice inflections, hands moving

and so much to say.

“fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

-william wordsworth





miss kennedy you are invited to my birthday party.

she worked very hard on this

for such a long time

what an effort this took to create

asking me

how to spell each word

letter by letter

putting it in an envelope

sealing it

giving it to me to open and read


big smiles on both sides.


i don’t know that it’s even her birthday.


“effort only fully releases its reward

after a person refuses to quit.”

-napoleon hill