the long letter

written on the outside of my valentine

was even more important

than the card inside

 the kinder who worked very hard to write it all down

read it out loud to me

confident, proud, with voice inflections, hands moving

and so much to say.

“fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

-william wordsworth

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  1. After all these years, how wonderful to see one of “old blog favs” still up and running and thriving too. So many of my former favorite blogs have sadly disappeared from the internet.

    How are you Beth? Hope it’s been a good year for you, to date. I love the sound of “22” and that freedom is just around the corner now, even in this country. Long overdue.

    I really enjoyed this Valentine’s tribute. Unique and touching.

    I’m not blogging much now, focused on my writing and planning a big move asap, to leave Canada behind. I’m glad to touch base again tonight.😊

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