miss kennedy you are invited to my birthday party.

she worked very hard on this

for such a long time

what an effort this took to create

asking me

how to spell each word

letter by letter

putting it in an envelope

sealing it

giving it to me to open and read


big smiles on both sides.


i don’t know that it’s even her birthday.


“effort only fully releases its reward

after a person refuses to quit.”

-napoleon hill


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  1. Beth, such a challenge for kinders, ♡ trying to express an invitation. I can picture how much effort went into this heartfelt letter. Smiling as you close this with the possibility it isn’t even her b’day 🙂

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    • wow, thanks for saint-ing me, but not sure i deserve it . i do hope that i inspire people of all ages in some way, to at least make an effort in the things they do – and thank you, again. )


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