a surprise trip down memory lane.



my friend of many years posted the following memory on his facebook page last night, triggering my own memory of our personal brush with bowie. many thanks for this, les.

“So, it had to be the mid eighties and I’m at the Metropolitan Music Cafe in Royal Oak at the corner of 4th and Lafayette. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and I’m talking to Beth K( she worked there at the time ).

Lord have mercy ! who comes walking in. Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Turns out Iggy and David were in town on tour together and Iggy was promoting his new album at the cafe.

David and his gorgeous blonde date headed upstairs for a bite to eat  ( Mr. Bowie didn’t want to take away any attention from Iggy while they were there.)
I waited and waited for Bowie to leave, and when he finally did I ran out the door behind him following he and his date to his car.
as they were getting in, he looked at me and said, ” Hi how are you?” I shook his hand and said, ” Thank you for all the countless hours of listening to your music. ” He replied, ” Thank you very much I appreciate that. I love Detroit ” True story folks. RIP David Bowie and thank you for that moment.”



image credit: pinterest.com


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  1. Fact is, had my lovely friend Beth never worked there I would have never been there for the Bowie encounter. Beth was the only reason I had for going to the metro.she’s an incredible

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  2. Great brush with fame and you were inside the Metropolitan Music Cafe which meant you were close and heard the music!! Wow, so cool, Beth. I respect David Bowie and have never heard any bad stories about him. Gone too soon.

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