good to know i will never have to worry

especially happy to see

an alien, a couple of vikings, a mongolian warrior, and sponge bob

included in the mix. 


“the sound a box of lego makes is the noise of a child’s mind working,

looking for the right piece.

shake it,

and it’s almost creativity in aural form.”

– grayson perry, playing to the gallery






image credit: getty images, dan kitwood, mental floss



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  1. Legos are one of the best modern toys. Any and all are needed and welcome. Frank Lloyd Wright attributes his architectural success to his blocks as a child (on display at the Children’s Museum in Philadelphia). Legos are next.

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  2. I love the idea that Lego has a vault! This was a fantastic collection you showed, Beth.
    Legos have to go through time, need set aside to let them “age.” I wonder if they ever made a My Little Pony Lego or Strawberry Shortcake? How about a Mutant Ninja Turtle? Grayson Perry’s quote is very creative. 😀

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    • thanks, robin. not my picture, (see credits at bottom), but i thought it was a good picture with a good sampling of some of the characters, and i’m sure there are many different themes based on what is popular at a given time. i am always amazed by what they come up with.


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