first time.


today on the first day

we welcomed our

 new multi-age kinders class

(3s, 4s, and early 5s)

each in their own age and stage

to our school

many for the first time.

“everybody has to learn for the first time.”

-joshua lederberg
 (1925 – 2008) american molecular biologist known for his work in microbial genetics, artificial intelligence, and the united states space program. 1958 nobel prize winner.



image credit: rural images

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  1. Awww, I loved my nine years of integrated preschool with ages 3-6 and 8 children in am and pm classes who were developmentally delayed with 4 “typically developing” kids. Which I think including “kids” could work well with your baby goats’ picture. 😊

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      • It was a great change from middle school, where boys towered over me and occasionally swear words were used by those kids. When I see them now, in their careers, I pretend to not remember their faux pas, since I think middle and junior high school years are particularly challenging. Two grown adults (Kiana who cuts my hair and Eric who has done manager jobs in gas stations and quick marts, even apologized! I said I didn’t remember any such nonsense.)
        Point actually was that when I interviewed for the job with the superintendent, I made a joke: “If someone is going to go off and swear, stomp their feet or give me attitude, I’d rather that person was only waist high!”

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