talk show.



i have never talked back to my television so much in my life as i have recently.Ā 


i wish it was mr. rogers who i was watching and talking back to.

“conversation is like a television set on honeymoon… unnecessary.”

-peter sellers

image credits: google images, mr. rogers television

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  1. I’ve turned it all off.. (got my morning smooth jazz on now as a matter of fact.) I read instead..still have to filter through the bias, but at least I don’t feel like a pawn being whipped into hysterics by TV personalities chasing ratings.

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  2. LOVE Mr Rogers! Do you, like me, all of the sudden find yourself saying things like “You are such a self centered idiot!” “OMG – I cannot believe you are the leader of our county?!” I, too, have begun talking to the face that is constantly on TV. argh! šŸ™‚

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  3. I feel such a sense of doom seeing the news these days, and I am not generally a hysteric or hypochondriac. Quite the opposite, I’m usually right. Sadly. My grandparents moved to the UP from Ann Arbor during WWII to raise chickens and teach school. I am feeling some of the same urges.

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  4. This is really cool about missing Mister Rogers. I think about him often, how his calm demeanor and warm, quiet voice told stories.
    Definitely the “other” man is polar opposite of him! Too serious to Lol or even half smile at, Beth.

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