carpool mates

ride with smiles

chat about the day

throw down our heavy things

relax at last

stop to buy a ticket



what we’ll do


we win

the 800 million


the first thing

that each of us names

is a donation

to someone else

who needs some of it

more than we do


it’s part of

the reason why


all ride together

with smiles.

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  1. I suppose it might take 800 million to outfit all dogs with sunglasses, but it’s certainly worth it. And if the forecasts are right there’ll even be a hundred million left over to maybe work on the problem of rats that need hats or something like that.

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  2. I am sure my two favorite warehouse coworkers and I would not be making this our very first choice, unfortunately. I am really excited and happy this is the positive people you surround yourselves with. Really nice, Beth. ♡

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