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  1. Perhaps it’s just an unfortunate last name, which makes perfect sense for it to be on a vanity plate and paid more for. I’m grateful the creator saw fit to give me both imagination and a sense of humor, but I wish he’d toss me another bushel of each!

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  2. Okay, just a thought. What if his last name is Italian, like Gagliani? All his life he was teased so now, he just “goes with it?” There is my most original idea for a positive spin on “Mr. Gag,” Beth. Haha 😀

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  3. Which reminds me: The other day I passed a car with vanity plates that said “TXS SUK” which I took to mean “taxes suck” and I wanted to tell the driver that the registration fee they paid for their license plates is in fact a tax and that the vanity plates cost extra, so that’s an extra tax. And they willingly paid both for the right to tell the world how much they hate taxes!

    But I figured that’s way too much information to convey at highway speeds so I used a simple, one fingered hand gesture instead.

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