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Community partners bring 1st “Free Sled Library” to Battle Creek.

Jeremy Andrews was enjoying a January vacation with his wife, Erin. The couple, co-owners of Penetrator Events, had just finished rafting along the Sturgeon River when they stumbled upon a unique feature at a local park: a shed with numerous sleds pouring out of it, the words “Sled Library” plastered on the side.

Now, with the help of some community partners, Andrews has brought the concept to the Cereal City, (Battle Creek is the home of Kellog’s Cereal), unveiling the first Free Sled Library, where patrons “borrow a sled, leave a sled,” at Leila Arboretum.

Kids took full advantage of the newly installed sled library Feb. 12 as hundreds poured into the 72-acre park for the annual “Festivus” cardboard sled race.

Steep hills combined with formidable ice claimed at least four of the plastic sleds available for kids that afternoon, but Andrews isn’t deterred. “As long as people donate, I’ll just keep buying sleds,” he said. “The idea is really cool and we’re happy with it.” Andrews has garnered more than $600 in donations since floating the idea out to friends on social media Feb. 2. A second sled library is planned and will debut next winter given the recent warmer temperatures.

Heidi LaGrow, a graphic communications technology instructor at Calhoun Area Career Center, was one of the first people to offer Andrews a helping hand with the project after reading his post on Facebook.




carpool mates

ride with smiles

chat about the day

throw down our heavy things

relax at last

stop to buy a ticket



what we’ll do


we win

the 800 million


the first thing

that each of us names

is a donation

to someone else

who needs some of it

more than we do


it’s part of

the reason why


all ride together

with smiles.

a coat of many colors



it has served me well. and it was finally time. this massive, warm, full-length, fluffy coat that has seen me through many things, was now meant for someone else. we have been together for two long seasons. one of them very, very long. my polar-voretx partner.
and now, it is time. other people need coats. and without a further thought, i shall pass it on. who knows who will next wear this so proudly and so comfortably?



favorite memories of my coat:

protective floatation device when sliding twice on ice, and into water once, under cars

playground warm up center

child wrap as needed


dirt collector (forgot why i chose white)

sledding partner

outdoor hockey game protective shield from cold

blizzard survival device

pet bed/sanctuary

accidental car cleaner-offer of road salt

seat cushion at many games

snowball fight shield

concussion-saving wrap when demonstrating what not to do on playground ice in order to stay safe, and then doing it


Do not judge others by appearances, for a rich heart may be under a poor coat! -Scottish Proverb quotes


image credits: musingsinmongolia,funtoo.com,