when the mega millions jackpot

hit 1 billion dollars tonight

i decided to take my chances

shell out 2 dollars

buy a lucky ticket

and imagine for at least 12 hours

what i would do with my billion

not a bad price for half a day of creative fun.

the winning ticket?

what would you do with a billion dollars if you won?

‘a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.’

-everett dirksen

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  1. I would start a publishing company. I would hire a researcher on the verge of curing cancer/diabetes/alzheimers….something! And fund them to finish without redtape. I would help some kids. I would help some charities . I would build my little log cabin the dell. I would probably become a hermit (can you be a traveling hermit?) I would love giving.

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  2. Hire an attorney! LOL. Pay off my debts, pay off my two best friends home mortgages, buy my brother a house, arrange all 10 grandchildren’s college funds – then buy 40 acres in the woods with a tiny house and a tiny storage shed and a decent 4 wd vehicle and then craft, write, read and nature walk the rest of my lovely days as a hermitess.

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  3. This topic occupied me and my husband for our entire evening’s walk. It’s fun to dream, but on Monday morning we’ll still go to work — just like everyone else. 🙂

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