under pressure.


while working hard to gather rocks for the garden

 we look up to see the buzzards patiently waiting

the pressure is on

as we pick up the pace

and wonder 

just who/what are they waiting for?

“winning comes down to who can execute under pressure.”

-billie jean king

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  1. Ha. I was on a big salt lake near Trona, CA, lying on the white surface with my arm stuck down into the icy muck underneath the salt, groping for big crystals. A buzzard landed about six feet from me. He was really disappointed when I sat up and told him to beat it. It was kinda scary, but made me laugh.

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  2. I’ve seen Turkey Buzzards in Napa Valley’s wine area – they sit on telephone poles int he morning and let the sun warm them up…massive in size…why it’s always a good idea to keep an eye open to what’s up above you!

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