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vote for them.


“children don’t vote but adults who do must stand up and vote for them.”

-marian wright edelman

 American activist for civil rights and children’s rights,

Founder and President Emerita of the Children’s Defense Fund.


board meeting vs. bored meeting.


after someone moved

 i was asked 

to be an ‘at-large’ member

of my condo association board

filling in for a few months

but i soon 

 found myself elected to a two-year term.

i’m not really a fan of boards, meetings, or committees 

nothing against them

just not my favorite pastime

so not exactly what i was hoping for

but i do want to say a big thank you 

to all who voted for me

even if it possibly had something to do with

me being the only one willing to join

but that is neither here nor there now

 you are all invited to at least one of my inaugural balls

i’ll get the invites out as soon as things calm down

i’m very busy

working on lining up the entertainment

and trying on gowns. 


“never schedule a board meeting on wednesday, because it kills two weekends.”

-kurt vonnegut




image credit: napoleon dynamite, 2004, fox searchlight pictures, paramount pictures, mtv films


today’s the day.

my spirit animal
Last year, five animal candidates vied for the much sought-after title of Mayor of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. This important election decided the Zoo’s first Mayor, the highest-ranking animal official who showcased the important role of animal ambassadors. One of the five candidates, (and my favorite), who made it past the primary rounds to the general election was:

Peaches the Nigerian dwarf goat. Peaches is the mother of two sets of triplets and a set of twins. She has raised all the kids on her own, demonstrating her can-do spirit. She’s quiet and friendly unless she needs to assert herself and is rarely in a baaaaad mood.

P.S. Wiggles the Chinchilla got the most votes and won by a hair. 

“not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.”

-keith ellison


 credit: lisa clair, hamlet hub

the 6th of january. and then, the 7th.


It was

a horrible day in washington that i’ll never forget.

 a wonderful day in georgia that i’ll never forget.

and now

at last

in the light and the dark

of the very early morning

of the very next day

our new president and vice president

have finally been confirmed

and I’ll never forget how light won over dark.



“yesterday I dared to struggle. today I dare to win.”

-bernadette devlin


i’m proud of my country – it dared to do both.

today, as i walked downtown,

the kerrytown bells played ‘the star spangled banner’

cars honked

church bells rang

farmers at the market chattered

drummer drummed

people cheered, cried, laughed

fireworks shot off in yards

the air was light and it was electric.





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