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not that common.


are you familiar with the saying “common sense is not that common”?

celebrate this rarely used quality on november 4, common sense day.

the date coincides with the birth date of actor will rogers

who was thought to have coined this phrase.

how to celebrate?
well, what can be said?

use your common sense to celebrate this unofficial holiday.

did you know…

…that thomas paine wrote a pamphlet called common sense in 1776?

in it, he drew out the need for independence of

the 13 british colonies in north america from britain.

the pamphlet is thought to have inspired the american revolution.

i wish that the celebration of common sense

would carry over to november 8th,

our upcoming election day in the united states.

credits: timeanddate.com

twin leaks.



                        WikiLeaks shows Clinton aide touting Lafayette coneys

Amid the excerpts from closed-door speeches by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to Wall Street executives and backroom discussions of political strategy comes a shout-out about a venerable Detroit restaurant.

It’s not every day that WikiLeaks reveals something as mundane as who ate where and what. But that’s just what emerged in the latest drop Friday of hacked emails from the anti-secrecy website that releases secret and classified information.

During a Michigan stop with Clinton in March that included Detroit and Flint, Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill offers his take on a local eatery in an email to campaign chairman John Podesta, which were hacked by WikiLeaks.

“On a personal note, I just had two Coney Island hot dogs at the famous Lafayette Coney Island next to the hotel. I highly recommend. Bring your defibrillator, or ask to borrow one from USSS (United States Secret Service),” he writes.

He’s not alone. Detroit coneys — Lafayette or next-door rival American Coney Island — which feature wieners with beanless chili sauce, onions and mustard, have drawn fans for decades. Some who leave the area or the state pine for them. Debate rages about the virtues of both.

Lafayette’s owner wasn’t available to bask in the attention, but other fans have weighed in in the past. “There’s only one hot dog stand in Detroit and that’s Lafayette Coney Island,” said a devoted fan in a Detroit News article.


credits: konrad maziarz (photo), detroitnews.com