the 6th of january. and then, the 7th.


It was

a horrible day in washington that i’ll never forget.

 a wonderful day in georgia that i’ll never forget.

and now

at last

in the light and the dark

of the very early morning

of the very next day

our new president and vice president

have finally been confirmed

and I’ll never forget how light won over dark.

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  1. The long standing bastion of American freedom again remains intact after warding off yet another attack to our sacred democracy. No single person can derail the way of life that our constitution has provided for us. We are a nation of people, not politics.

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  2. Our system is far from perfect, but it has worked for over two centuries. I was happy to see its resiliency and, once again, feel some pride in my country. We’re not done with this nightmare yet, but we’ve taken a mighty step.

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  3. A dark dark day in our history – we witness, live on television around the world, a pathetic attempt to subvert democracy and stage a coup…of course, doomed to failure, but a dark stain on our nation that will take time to heal…

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  4. Yesterday was an example of where the political us versus them mentality has taken our country. Both sides are guilty of it. It’s not just Trump, as the eagerness of Biden and Pelosi to fuel the political fire has demonstrated. We need someone who is able to lead with clarity, who doesn’t look for opportunities to win by dividing, but instead looks for ways to bring us together. So far, I don’t see that from the president elect. That worries me.

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  5. USA looked goofy again. People attacking the capital. For what reason? Hard to understand dear Beth. I will be glad when the crazy man leaved the White House. His legacy wasn’t pretty, now it really ugly. I pray better days are coming.

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  6. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past 2 days and am sick over what is happening to our country. I pray that our new administration has the strengh and courage to stay the course for the next 4 years, because I don’t see things calming down anytime soon. I pray that God keeps them safe and that we have some sanity restored to our country, soon.💗

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