rescued while trying to join a colony of cats in detroit

cared for by a foster family

 looking for a place to call home

i feel lucky she landed in mine

 shy and sweet and young

not quite sure what life will be like here

she came out from her hiding place

long enough for us to each check on the other

i see her natural fancy costume

of black ears and tail

snow white body

she’s now olive’s new sister

 and will be called rose

which makes her *rose kennedy

*(the cat, not to be confused with the political dynasty’s family matriarch who shared the same moniker)

“a kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.”

-robert southey

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  1. Oh what a lovely, lovely Rose! Even as a dedicated dog lover, I’d have loved to give her a warm and welcoming home. I’m happy for you – and I hope that Olive will give her a warm welcome too once they both are getting used to each other…

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      • I had a kitten once for about 3 days, on a prolonged weekend. It terrorized my dachshund from ‘her’ seat on my pet’s favourite armchair – every time Tigi Lee passed the chair to see if her place would be free, the kitten reached quickly down with a paw and ‘banged’ my dog off…. On Tuesday I took him/her back to the office where kitten had installed itself for the previous week AT MY WORKING PLACE for food, cuddles and more – and finally the owner turned up, p….d off that ‘we had stolen his kitten’! Still smiling however at the audacity of that kitten….

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  2. Congrats! A new kitty is the best! Remember while getting to know each other: a slow blink (or a few slow blinks) will let her know you are relaxed and not a threat. When she is relaxed, she will blink back.

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