news spins round and round

dizzy with breaking updates 

 whirlwind vertigo.


“when men sow the wind it is rational to expect that they will reap the whirlwind.”

-frederick douglass

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  1. On the cable news network we choose at our house, Beth, it seems every single segment now earns the red bar with the words Breaking News, even when it’s the same story line from Nov. 2016 in so many ways. Yet I watch and watch and watch.

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  2. Someone just posted a sign that said: “I’d like to return 2021. I tried the 7-day trial and don’t like it at all.” I say we have to be patient and know that better times are ahead – I say this because every day I am caught up in a “whirlwind”!

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  3. I’m terrified that the republicans (especially the 142 in the House who continued to support trump even after coming out of a safe room) and their ilk will walk free. There’s no gong back to any kind of trust if there are no logical consequences. NONE at all.

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