kind people.


 to all of the kind people who i met along the way

IMG_5504 (1)

keiran, who helped me navigate my way to ireland


bronwyn, who shared adventures with me

unnamed-1 (1)

karen, who shared more adventures






the morgan clan,  who treated me like one of their own


robin, the keeper of the castle 


all of the many strangers

who i crossed paths with


 who became friends 

like tric, my long lost irish sister

welcoming me 

into their

homes, villages, fields, seas,

castles, towns, farms, churches, hotels,

gardens, inns, pubs, and country manors 


and of course

the friendly barkeepers

who were always there and ready to help

with questions answered

and shared stories

wherever i happened to land

i am truly grateful to one and all for making it so special for me. 

“in everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.

it is then burst into flame by an encounter

with another human being.

we should all be thankful

for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

– albert schweitzer 



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  1. This was the most awesome thank you to the people along your way to, thru and around Ireland, Beth. Now, if you listen to the Isle’s wind, it will return an equally special “thank you” to YOU. xo ❤
    P.S. Our Columbus Irish Festival is this very next weekend. . . 🙂

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  2. Thanks for making the time to meet up. It was a real pleasure. I hope you’re back in one piece and have found a good spot for my pressie. You know where we are if you ever decide to come back.
    I was thinking back on our meeting and the many stories you and Karen shared with me and was reminded of an old saying,
    “The person who comes with a story to you, will bring two away from you.”
    I am pretty sure you will be bringing home many stories which will in turn lead to many more. That’s probably why we Irish love our stories so much.
    Enjoy meeting your family once more. x

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    • thank you, tric. i know you had a lot of family stuff going on, and add the fact that they thought i was a male serial killer to the list, and you were quite brave to meet me. loved the stories on all sides and i certainly left with more than i came with. you also know where i am if you ever return to the states! b

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  3. So heartwarming! Great photos and I think that quote said it all. You are going to have to work through some transitioning after a trip like that… so just keep writing it all out and we will happily read your words! xo

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