september’s champagne babies.


here we find ourselves in september again, along with lots of babies!

 september is by far the most popular month to be born. it isn’t even a close race. september has 9 out of 10 of the most popular birth dates, with september 9th being the most popular date of all. using my holiday math formula, it’s easy to find a clear correlation between the end of the old year through the ringing in of the new year, and the volume of early fall arrivals.

1 january new year’s eve party = 1 to 1,000,000 september babies

“my favourite poem is the one that starts ‘thirty days hath september’ because it actually tells you something.” -groucho marx


art credit: mary evans

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  1. I’ve always said there are so many “DamnVirgos” because people get drunk at Christmas/New Year and forget protection 😉 There are three out five in my family. Two on the 11th and one on the 22nd – just made the date to qualify 😉


  2. I always joke that September is like Christmas but I don’t get any presents. My mom, husband, childhood friend, another friend and one of my Grandfather’s birthday’s all in September. My son’s curriculum night for school almost always falls on my husband’s birthday! Including this year.

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