i had just recently become a pre-teen

this was the

top hits playlist

of the week

on our local station

i can hear most of them still in my mind

how things change in half a century

how they stay the same.Β 


“music is the soundtrack of your life.”

-dick clark


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  1. I really love the variety in that playlist, Beth. Oh, for the days before the radio stations decided they needed to niche themselves to such more narrow audiences … Also, three cheers to the DJs who chose and put on the turntable the songs I listened to during those years of my life!

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  2. Yep. Music is like a smell associated with a memory…powerful stuff. I’ve been a musician all my life. It has shaped me into who I am. That’s a great playlist from after I graduated high school. Not a song on it I don’t recognize.

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  3. every song there is a classic, Beth; we had the Top 40 in Australia but every week my mate and I would go down to the big record store in the city and read The BillBoard Top 100 and then duck down to the Library and read The New Musical Express from England. We were besotted with music, besotted by those times πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Beth,
    This is why I’ve started trying to include some of the songs from way back when in my daily postings. Pop music seemed to be a glue or a mortar tying packets (bricks) of time during my life together. Like smells, they (music & songs) take me back to fading memories of joy, sadness, love, loneliness, successes (mostly minor) and failures (mostly temporary).

    I find it amazing to watch YouTube videos of teens (and not teens) doing “first-time heard” reviews of the Beatles, Hendrix, the Beach Boys, the Righteous Brothers, etc. And, (sometimes) I think about the songs and albums I’ve listened to hundreds of times and wonder what those folks will say they listened to until the songs became ingrained in their genes. Times are different and I’m sure all us dinosaurs say the same thing: “In my day…” Our choices were so much more limited then, but we were listening to true pioneers in so many different genres. Today’s youth are a lot better off for volume / selection options. I’m just not at all convinced the quality is as good. I guess only another 50 years will tell…


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