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rain or shine?


cold, morning rain does little but make one anxious to reach their destination, even if that is work or school. this innovative student solved the problem of hands free walking on one such campus morning in 1969. “U-M engineering student gary keck of detroit is too unconventional to raise an umbrella. he wards off the morning rain with a stylish sombrero. ole!”

“optimists are neither in denial nor naïve about challenges and difficulties in life.

they simply attend to and acknowledge the positive.”

– eric kim

credits: oldnews.aadl.org, ann arbor townies




j proclaimed,

‘i’m going to swing into magic land.’

we’d been waiting forever

for a chance to play outside in the rain together

 there was a fence

 branch was weak

 chair was shaky

toes were tippy

b created a magic rain slide

“let’s make it soapy”

it was so slippy-flippy

 there were great leaps and a great slides

making for

a great afternoon

we got very wet

 fell down

 slid on the grass

 crashed into stuff

got pretty muddy

laughed so hard

 best of all

none of us were injured

and it was pure magic.


roald dahl would understand completely.


credits: roald dahl – george’s marvelous medicine