high tide.



a lot, a lot, a lot

of rain

the river rose high

up and over

paths washed out

nice to intersect

where the land met the water

with this very happy dad

following his wife and son

in kayaks 

making their way

through what was very recently

a grassy playground

on island park

 paddling through to the river

“ever think you’d find yourself paddling here?”

“no, but i’m so, so happy that i am!”



“celebrate the success of others. high tide floats all ships.”

-susan elizabeth phillips

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you did not experience any significant problems from those storms and the dams bursting. It’s nice to see a family taking advantage of what life throws at them…


  2. I think you saw a post I shared a few weeks ago about Chicago’s iconic Riverwalk….along the Chicago River…well, a few days ago it flooded and was completely submerged – reminded me of this!

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  3. One of my favorite photos was given to me by a couple of my sixth-grade students who were paddling a canoe down the first fairway of our local golf course after a brutal succession of rainy days.

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  4. We’ve got an ordinary amount of flooding up here in Lansing. Went down to the Red Cedar river yesterday to look at how literally the River Trail is. Today I went to the Grand River and thought, oh, look at how much mud the rivers swept over the boat launch! I’ve got to go down and take a picture of that. So that’s how I fell into the mud on the boat launch.

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  5. According to Wikipedia, the New England Council, a regional chamber of commerce, had as its slogan “A rising tide lifts all the boats.” Ted Sorensen, a speechwriter for John Kennedy, noticed it, and Senator Kennedy picked it up from him. The saying has mistakenly been attributed to Kennedy.

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