shoutout to the post office

for supporting my love

of letter writing, shipping, and receiving

they are my heroes

even on a less than perfect day 

here’s to them for keeping it going

in spite of everything. 


“postman’s bag is always heavy because it carries the life itself:

it carries all the sorrows and all the joys, all the worries and all the hopes!”

-mehmet murat ildan

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  1. The USPS is a much maligned entity that produces miracles every day. You can drop a letter off and it will arrive on the other side of the country a couple days later, exactly where you wanted it to. We take it for granted. People who badmouth USPS are ignorant and I have no patience with them. I go to the Post Office every day because we don’t have delivery at out house, so the social thing is important, too. Bravo, postal service!

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  2. My mailman is just an awesome human being. When my mailbox was knocked down and dragged away, he suggested he’d put a rubber band around my mail and leave it on my porch until I could fix it. OK, that’s small town life but it is also HIM.

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  3. I agree with you, Beth. Not being able to travel to see my granddaughters is awful, but I totally understand. I’m sending snail mail or priority mail for that matter, more than before. I’m so thankful for their services!

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  4. I know they aren’t perfect, but I think it’s remarkable to send anything across the country in a matter of a few days for hardly any cost.

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  5. My friends and I are doing a ‘Save The Post Office’ deal. We’re buying sheets of stamps and sending all kinds of cool stuff back and forth-postcards, zines, clippings, cards. It’s been fun! I don’t have an exact quote, but I think I read that if 50% of citizens bought just one sheet of stamps, it could ‘save the post office!’

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  6. I second and third that, Beth. I always leave something special for our postal worker during the holidays when I do my yearly baking with a thank you note. I hate walking the half mile uphill to my mailbox and find it empty. Not many write anymore but I’m with you. I find any excuse to send a card or letter anywhere. I have a lot of stamps here. Need more international stamps now.

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