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  1. That’s a good sized book stack Beth….. I’ve got a poetry book that the I like to read over the next 2 nights…written by the organiser, of lowercase poetry Geelong. Joshua Maxwell DeHoog. “The Good, The Bad & The Poetry”, I’ve just started reading and I’m already engrossed….. the whole book/story is written in poetic form, so basically the book is one big continuous poem, fascinating and entertaining…. not always rhyming, but the rhythm of his words from line to line, stanza to stanza, is amazing…….I’m afraid It’s a self published edition, being sold locally

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  2. I think you will fun and broaden your life climbing this mountain, Beth. By the way, my dear wife Karen recently mentioned how the stack I keep on the table next to my recliner has grown higher as I have found more success with discoveries after our library main room reopened following the renovation.

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  3. David Sedaris makes me laugh out loud when I read so I have to be mindful of where I’m reading when we are together. Otherwise people want to know what’s so funny and then I have to put the book down to explain and then I’m not reading anymore. That said, I hope you enjoy Calypso as much as I did!

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