start where you are.



Pick Up Truck Swimming Pool

What it is: A pool made from a pickup truck bed 
What You’ll Need: A pool liner 
Estimated Cost to Make: $20

Paddling pools are great, but they often pop or get misshapen. If you happen to be the proud owner of a pickup truck, then consider investing in some pool liner. In no time at all, you could have a sturdy metal pool right there in your truck bed that can hold the whole family. Of course, you can’t let the kids get too crazy or they might get a bruise or two, but it’s a wonderful idea. There are even companies out there that sell liners, especially for trucks. It’s a great way to customize your Ford for the summer!

“start where you are

use what you have

do what you can”

-arthur ashe


who knew?  enjoy your holiday weekend.

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  1. Have pool, will travel. I was worried when I did not see your post at the usual time. You will see that reflected in a verse coming later this week. Have a great holiday weekend, and no diving in the pool!

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