playing the odds, you lose some…..


(enjoying a perfect day at a detroit tigers game – not a care in the world)

it was the perfect day

back in the day

nice sun, warm, no rain, not a cloud in the sky

perfect day to be outside that is

not the perfect day to be stuck inside waiting on people

we took a chance

both called in sick

Β went to see the detroit tigers play

under a brilliant sky

with just a wisp of a breeze

feet up, popcorn, cool beverages

doing the wave, singing the songs

figured what are the odds we’d get caught

slim to none using our baseball calculus

Β all was well

until a ball was hit

pretty close to where we were sitting

in our great seats

still not a care in the world

(ferris bueller, not us, but caught in a similar situation enjoying a perfect day at a cubs game)

until the tv camera was trained on us

and we wondered

what are the odds

that anyone who knew us would have seen us

Β how quickly the odds turned against us

when we went into our restaurant the next day

tan and quite relaxed

until our manager

asked us how we had enjoyed the game

mentioned that he had seen us on the little kitchen tv

so close to catching that wayward ball

(similar to our overworked manager watching the game where we were enjoying our day,

though he was working hard in a kitchen and watching it on a tiny tv, in between expediting orders)

while he had to work extra hard

and told us

that we would be spending today

another beautiful day

at home suspended from work for the day

and could return on the day after that

on another beautiful day

the perfect day we realized

we were lucky to still have a job.

*”great determination can overcome most odds.”


*(key word here is ‘most’ – note to self)




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  1. Oh my…. Yep, caught in the act. Gosh, you had an incredible boss – either he was incredibly generous or you were incredibly good at yr job…. and he was desperate!!!
    I tremendously enjoyed reading these two instalments- it’s like when I discuss similar long ago ‘events’ with my 94yr old mum on my daily calls on her. There is SO much stuff hidden in the brain-drawers, wanting out πŸ€«πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒ

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  2. There are so many points of this story I love. Taking the day off to go to a ball game is a great adventure sometimes people do it for opening dayHa! What a story! The fact that you almost caught the ball is even better. I’m glad you still had a job at the end of it πŸ™‚ That Ferris Bueller reference is AWESOMENESS. I hope they never remake it.

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  3. I started to read your piece and immediately thought of Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, and that’s exactly where you went.😎 I’ll bet you didn’t ruin your buddy’s Porsche, though. It’s kind of funny because your manager was probably making his life more difficult by suspending you for a day.

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