one man’s junk is – someone’s treasure i’m sure


i recently received the following email from a very generous and friendly co-worker, and while quite possibly everything about this offer is appealing, i may just have to consider it for a bit. hope no one snatches it up it while i’m thinking about where this will fit into the cottage, this one may move fast! (even the dog looks a bit confused/amused)

Anyone interested in this old couch and loveseat?  the Loveseat is in good shape, but the couch has bare springs showing.  Kids.  If you are handy with furniture or want to pay someone to re-upholster, go for it.

  Both need to be cleaned.

  If you want either, for free of course, let me know soon or they’ll be hauled away to furniture graveyards.  We have had them for 20 years and have enjoyed them very much.  

   Whatever has fallen into the springs is yours also.  Marbles and Hot Wheels, mostly.  I don’t really want to know.  Peace. GG



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