“we are our choices.”

-jean-paul sartre




image credit: new yorker cartoons – roz chast

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  1. This made me chuckle. I used to tell my martial arts students when they weren’t sure what to do pretend they had someone they respected sitting on their shoulder helping guide them. Or watching over the decisions they make.

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  2. Follow directions. Choose to respect science. Be wary of anyone who suddenly is an expert, and happens to have a different approach that is diametrically opposite to facts. Remember that there are nefarious forces at work – and those who support them with foreign influence. Let’s remember the world used to look to us as the country that knew how to lead us out of disaster, not deeper into it.

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  3. And this is the guy who the right is passing off as an evil man who only cares about furthering his agenda? Perhaps they need to take a hard look over their shoulders at the con man they’re enabling?

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