grateful to have had my 2nd vax dose

knowing it’s not just to keep me well

but to give all who i may cross paths with

a better chance to stay well too. 


“healing yourself is connected with healing others.”

-yoko ono

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  1. Lucky you. My mum and HH’s too got both their 2 shots, but not us. Funnily a brother of mine got vaccinated VERY early, still wonder why. Might have to do with his job, he didn’t say. Both mothers are quite old and I thought they might rather die of loneliness than Covid. They are SO isolated and alone in their old ppl homes….

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  2. I’m so glad you got yours. I thought teachers and grocery clerks as well as medical type personnel should be first before us old people. I’ll wait to the end of the line, thank you very much. I do not have to go out there like the rest of you do.

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  3. Congrats, Beth. I hope more people look at it from your perspective. It’s as much about the safety of others as it is about us. Still waiting patiently in California for our turn.

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  4. It ‘s a freeing feeling….the Princess got her 2nd today. Mine last week. We will continue to follow the CDC guidelines, but are soooo happy to be able to see some friends. Has been way too long. Looking forward to hugging these dear folks.🥰

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