pda. (pandemic dating adventures)


it’s been an adventure to say the least. 

(not saying who is who, but we unmasked for the photo)

“dating isn’t just about dating anymore. you are picking your potential apocalypse partner. choose wisely, folks.” 

-word porn

image credit: google images

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  1. I’m not dating, but a thought: Maybe dating under these circumstances – when it does happen – more quickly brings the two to the make-it-or-break-it moment? I know people who in 3 months during this time, that have gotten to know a person as well as would normally take years. In any case, “potential apocalypse partner”, lol. Gives tinder an entirely different meaning.

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  2. It’s crazy how literally every aspect of living is affected by the virus. I am thankful to be happily married, though. 🙂 But I wish all the single people the best of luck and safety. Dating was hard to begin with!

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