stop moving.

JMW Turner’s depiction of a stormy sea, painted c1831.
JMW Turner’s depiction of a stormy sea, painted -1831
Late in September 1836, a five-year voyage came to an end, and a young naturalist stepped ashore at Falmouth on 2 October and looked back in rueful contemplation of the severe privations that he – unlike Captain Cook’s men – never faced: “I speak from experience: it is no trifling evil which may be cured in a week”

-Charles Darwin, on discovering seasickness

having always been prone to motion sickness

from most any mode of travel or spinning movement

vertigo from a pilates class

spinning on any ride known to mankind

cruising on the water after a hurricane


watching hand-held camera shots on film

riding on and in planes, trains, buses, and automobiles

(not when riding on horses or camels, at least)

i should not have been surprised

watching richard branson fly off into space

listening to the play-by-play

of speed, g-force, lack of gravity, the woozy view from the window seat, the up, the down

when i began to feel motion sick

sitting on solid ground

in my living room

on earth.

one of many reasons i am not an astronaut.


sources: the guardian, tim radford, bbc, almay photo, virgin air photo


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  1. We remember and are in awe of the marvelous discoveries etc of famous men and women of history. But we forget that they also experience the little things that make them ….. just like us.

    I crossed the Atlantic and into the Mediterranean when I was twelve. Never forgot the seasick feeling. I have forgotten all my marvelous discoveries as has everyone else.

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      • I was referred to this doctor because of my ER visit in March. After a thorough exam she said I have migraines (I’m going to blog about this at some point) for my case I don’t need to have a recurring prescription or anything. If they’re bad like last one, I call her and she will prescribe me Valium (I know…) but otherwise I’m supposed to video my eye movements next time I have one so she can figure out best course of treatment

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  2. Vertigo is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It is terrible. I tend to get it just prior to a sinus infection.

    I avoid most rides, as well. Even a water slide can set it off if I go down it more than once.

    We went on a carousel recently that went 10 miles per hour. I was getting sick riding it.

    I’m sorry you have motion sickness. It can be crippling.

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  3. I admire the courage of Branson to put himself, and his reputation, on the line for such an adventure… It’s something that has little appeal to me, but I know a lot of people would be excited about the opportunity to do some space travel…

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  4. Another one who is prone to motion sickness quite easily. I don’t do well on boats, spinning rides, or reading in the car. I’m like one of those dogs with his head hanging out the window if I try to read in an automobile.

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