when books fly.


thanks to artist david zinn, for his lovely sidewalk chalk ode to the library 

the day has arrived at last

the library has reopened

after what seemed like such a long, long time

our community couldn’t be happier

it has been so greatly missed by so many. 

‘Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul.’

—Library at Thebes, inscription over the door

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  1. Ours had re-opened and off I went last week. And sadly, Beth, Covid is rearing its ugly head here. I have a 35 year old cousin in ICU. Springfield, Missouri (SW MO) made national news. So many don’t believe in immunizations around here. I see restrictions coming again soon. It’s sad. So I’ll hang on to happy and faithful news, just like this beautiful sidewalk art! Thanks for being a bright spot for all of us! 🤍

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    • yes, it’s been challenging, but they did offer a service for contactless pickup of books or movies if you knew what you wanted. not the same as browsing the stacks though –

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