Mac ‘n Cheese – Summer Style!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for … mac and cheese ice cream?

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  2. I love mac and cheese but if I’m getting ice cream I think I’ll stick with the flavors I know I’ll like. Savory ice cream doesn’t really appeal to me. Although, someone must have liked it in order to make the decision to sell it 🙂


  3. O God, Mac n cheese itself is an acquired taste for us in India… we have gone ahead and tried Chipotle donuts after concocting our own green chillies icecream… but this is altogether mystical. Enjoyed reacting on this post, keep it on Beth 😊


  4. I was starting to say “yuck” to this. But then I remembered a few weeks ago in San Gimignano (near Sienna Italy) when I ordered their special. It turned out to be a caramelised onion on a small tart with Parmesan sauce topped with salt butter gelato. The Hub had to stop me from licking the plate.

    (But it’s still a NO to the fish-n-chips gelato we saw in Sydney. )

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  5. I can guarantee you I will never try this. I can’t stand the smell or look of mac n cheese, let alone the taste. But given how popular mac n cheese is, it wouldn’t surprise if this ice cream is a big hit…


  6. My daughter loves the original Kraft Mac & Cheese. Whenever I am visiting the States, I have to bring some back home. I am sure she would taste the ice-cream immediately… I can hardly imagine the taste…

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  7. And there’s me, thinking that the perfect scoop of apricot ice cream has been created….. (you’ll have to forgive this blind-as-a-bat’ woman for this error…..) I for one couldn’t imagine ever eating a cheese-n-mac’ ice cream.

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