and a half.


 my birthday number is a moving target.

i love how the kinder announce they are ‘and a half!’

the moment they have a birthday.

they quite naturally understand this concept. 

today, i am 64.

and a half!

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  1. happy half-birthday Beth! In Switzerland, women generally get their retirement (for some!)….. not for you then?!
    brilliant combo (what else did I expect?)
    love and a half-birthday-mmmpfh! 😉

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  2. sorry, mind faster than fingers – retirement age for women generally 64th birthday, but (small) retirement money only from the 1st of following month…. Really bad luck for my father, whose b’day was 1st of April (not only was he the living joke year after year but he had to wait for the 1st of May which is a Holiday too in some parts of Switzerland – it’s Labourer’s Day). Poor dad 🙂 RIP

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  3. Just 6 months to retirement if you want to. Not sure you’re ready to leave those kinder. My to-be granddaughter’s birth will be so close to Christmas that I suspect we will be celebrating half birthdays. Otherwise those special days tend to be an afterthought.

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  4. Oh, I love how the young celebrate their birthdays, and their halfs. Me? I don’t admit my new age until the date. At my age now (69 and 2 months past 1/2, I live with the motto that age is attitude. So…I’m 42. And 1/2.

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