clearing out my spam yet again

there seems to be no end to spam

i love hacking away and getting rid of it

 like when you sweep the sand

out of a vacation cottage at the beach

you know there will be more of it

in just a few hours

but the deleting process

is strangely satisfying

in the moment.


“two years from now, spam will be solved.”

– Bill Gates’ prediction, seventeen years ago, at the 2004 World Economic Forum

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever deleted my spam. is this something I should be doing? I sometimes look back through the spam in my wordpress account for some possible inspiration for a post. Currently there are over 1600 messages in my spam folder…

    Looks like Mr. Gates was a bit off with his prediction…

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  2. I’ve been fortunate, I guess, that the amount of spam I get has dwindled. Now, if I could just get every insurance agent who sells Medicare insurance in PA to QUIT CALLING ME! Fortunately, I have my phone set so it only rings when it’s a contact number, and then I clean out all of the other calls and get my power from blocking those numbers from every calling me again!

    It gets tiring that so many people think most of us are idiots who will respond to spam emails and unrequested phone calls!

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  3. So many things in life are like that…dishes, laundry, dusting, putting gas in the car…pretty much everything. Life is really one repetitive motion after another. LOL It never ends. I dust, the sun hits the table while I’m doing it and I can already see the dust landing where I just finished wiping. Maybe life IS Spam..

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