more excited.


(not me,  a famous model who is a couple of years older, but we share a strong birthday spirit)

it has been my birthday for 5 hours already

 and according to my math

each year

i become less worried

about life


i become more excited

about this day

in the exact same amounts

which equals out. 

“surround yourself with people who are more excited about your birthday than you are.” 

-word porn

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  1. Happy birthday Beth, all the very best – may you keep your wonderful sense of humour, your eye for funny twists and turnings and your enthusiasm for kids and their doings. You are the teacher every mother would love to have for their children. You are the blogger everyone would be enchanted to get to know (I came to you via one of your comments somewhere else, probably DK)…. Sending you birthday kisses and hugs,

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  2. Wow! Lovely photo! Reminds me of my grandmother who lived to be 102…but I know that’s not you Beth, but to you I wish you many happy returns of the day! And I’ll say it in Spanish too, ¡Enhorabuena! Congratulations!

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  3. Pingback: more excited. Had to share this as the photo uplifted me. – susiesopinions

  4. May you always surround yourself with folks that care about you no matter what day it is and that will let you care about them. Happy Birthday!


  5. Happy birthday, Beth! I’m sure glad to have found your blog and get to take part in reading your daily wit and wisdom.

    I’ve never smoked, nor do I intend to start, but if somebody beats the odds for 100 years, then light up from your birthday cake.

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  6. Wow, a fellow Scorpio! Wishing you many happy returns, albeit belatedly. Thank you for sharing so much so often – at least this time of year you hopefully get a sense of how much you are appreciated with all the love that comes back your way.

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